Sao Thusandi Leadership Award 2022


Established in 2008 by Inge Sargent (Sao Thusandi), the former Mahadevi of Hsipaw, the Sao Thusandi Leadership Award honors young people from Shan State who are working towards community development, peace and democracy in Shan State, particularly those working to preserve local customs and culture.

USD $4,000 is given to the awardee. There have been fortheen award winners so far, working in diverse fields including legal assistance, health, education, environment and community rights.


Application Announcement

(9 November 2022)

Latest Day of Submisson

(15 December 2022)

Announcment of Winner

(End of December 2022)

* All applications will be handled with the utmost confidentiality, given the dire security situation in Burma. Identities of any applicant or award recipients will not be disclosed publicly without the express approval of the applicant him/herself.

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